Community 402 Newsletter – October 2019

Welcome to Community 402!

October 2019 Newsletter

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If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me either at the school at 718-429-5287 or email Ms. Burke – 

I look forward to a fun-filled educational year!

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We will be working on our first nonfiction unit. We will be focusing on researching  and synthesizing information from multiple texts.


Students will be drafting, revising, editing and publishing personal essays.


We have begun multiplication and multistep problems. Your child should be studying Math terms and basic Math facts daily for about 5 minutes.

Social Studies

We have begun our unit on the Native American tribes of New York. Students will create their own book on Native Americans and natural resources.


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Homework is a review of the day’s lessons to help reinforce reading, writing and math skills.  Each night your child will receive approximately 60 minutes of homework.  It is important that homework is completed on a daily basis.               

Daily Assignments will include:

*Reading for 20-30 minutes and responding in purple nonfiction/ social studies folder. The students should be using the colored rubrics as guides to assist them. Reading log should be completed 7 days a week.

*Math– please have your child use the strategy CUBES to help them fully understand the directions and questions. Your child will be completing two math pages and writing a Math reflection nightly .

Important Dates:

October 30- Wednesday- Chapter 2 Math Test

October 31st- Halloween visit to main building( Return Slip)

November 1- Friday- Trip to Fraunces Tavern Museum (Return Slip and $2.00) Field Trips are an excellent way to connect our curriculum and expose students to real world experiences. Parent chaperones are critical in making this trips successful.  We look forward to having you join us.

November 5-School Closed

November 11-School Closed

November 14 Parent Teacher Conferences (Early dismissal at 11:10 A.M.)

November 21- Family Thursday

Meet the (Science) Teacher Night

Thank you to Ms. Kivelson for challenging our parents and families with the exciting Marshmallow Challenge

It was great to see how engaged and competitive our PS 7 Academy families can be!

Using spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, families worked cooperatively to build the tallest structure