Rise Up and Write It

This week, Nandini Ahuja, author of “Rise Up and Write It”, presented a special assembly to our fourth and fifth graders. “Rise Up and Write It” combines civic engagement with real examples of activism tools. Ms. Ahuja read her book, answered questions, and spoke about how she became an author. She certainly is an inspiration to our students!

Thank you, Ms.Ahuja!

Mr. Aiello with Ms. Ahuja displaying her book
Ms. Ahuja's autograph and message inside the front cover of her book
Ms. Thapar and Ms. Ahuja with a group of students
Ms. Ahuja, Ms. Ruggiero, a group of students
Mr. Aiello, Ms. Ahuja, Ms. Ruggiero, and Ms. Thapar in the multi-purpose room
Ms. Ahuja presenting her book to students
Mr. Aiello, Ms. Ahuja, Ms. Ruggiero, Mr. Woodworth
Ms. Ahuja discussing her book