Remote Mondays Starting November 16th

Dear Families of P.S. 7,

I hope everyone is doing as well as they can during these difficult times.  We have been extremely fortunate so far!  P.S. 7 has been tested weekly for the last three weeks and we have not had one positive case of COVID.  I hope to continue this and want to communicate our new plan to make our school even safer and for our blended students to get stronger instruction.

Beginning Monday, November 16th, 2020, all Mondays will be 100% remote for all students.  By making all Mondays remote:

–          Custodial staff will be able to clean the school more thoroughly and make it more sanitary for our blended students for the week. 

–          Our Blended Teachers will be able to meet with their entire class, Group A and B together.

–          The Blended remote teachers and out of classroom teachers will be able to support all remote students more on Mondays.

–          Teachers will have additional time to conference with parents

–          Some Monday’s will be used as an enrichment day with virtual assemblies, shows and presentations.

I am really excited about how remote Mondays will really support our Blended and Blended remote students and also keep your children and our staff safe.


Jason Chin, Principal