Updated Grab-and-Go Breakfast and Lunch Locations

Grab-and-Go breakfast and lunch are available for all at the entrances of the following buildings from 7:30am – 1:30pm:

School Name –ADDRESSCityZip
P.S. 012 James B. Colgate42-00 72 STREETQueens11377
P.S. 013 Clement C. Moore55-01 94 STREETQueens11373
P.S. 014 Fairview107-01 OTIS AVENUEQueens11368
P.S. 28 – The Thomas Emanuel Early Childhood Center109-10 47 AVENUEQueens11368
P.S. 049 Dorothy Bonawit Kole63-60 80th StreetQueens11379
P.S. 58 – School of Heroes72-24 GRAND AVENUEQueens11378
I.S. 061 Leonardo Da Vinci98-50 50 AVENUEQueens11368
P.S. 08985-28 BRITTON AVENUEQueens11373
I.S. 093 Ridgewood66-56 FOREST AVENUEQueens11385
I.S. 125 Thom J. McCann Woodside46-02 47 AVENUEQueens11377
P.S. 330110-08 NORTHERN BOULEVARDQueens11368
PS 007 Louis F. Simeone Annex76-05 51 AVENUEQueens11373

For a comprehensive list of Feeding Sites, please visit: