403 Homework 12/19/18


  • Read and jot in your story packet or a fiction book for at least 30 minutes
  • 1 Reading Response – at least 1 pg.
    • Choose a fiction standard
  • Read-Aloud Response: None


  • Begin using color pencils to make additional revisions
  • Complete Self-Reflection using the rubric and checklist
  • Begin typing on Google Docs
  • Revise Flash Draft:
    • Include at least 7 sentences for each reason
    • Include at least 1 quote for each reason
    • Have at least 1 sentence that begins with the words “What this means is…” for each quote
    • Use yellow draft paper – skip lines


Fox Summary and R1 Download

Math Chapter 4 Test – Wednesday

  • Finish all assignments in Things to Do on Think Central
    • If you receive less than 80% on an On Your Own Re-Test assignment, you must also complete the book homework for that lesson
  • Times/Division Tables: None


  • Pastel Designs
    • A: Stencil Edges
    • B: Random Stencils

Social Studies

  • None


  • Check your planner for the assignment

Physical Education

  • Check your planner for the assignment