403 Homework 11/27/18

Due 11/28/18


  • Read and jot in a Fiction book for at least 30 minutes
    • Your jot must connect to one of the fiction Reading Goals you’ve selected for Unit 3
  • 1 Reading Response – at least 1 pg.
    • Choose a jot and elaborate on a sheet of loose leaf
      • The response must be based on a fiction Reading Goal
      • The response should be labeled with the standard and then placed in the correct section of the Goal Binder
  • Read-Aloud Response
    • None
  • i-Ready for at least 10 minutes



  • Published essays are now late


  • Finish all assignments in Things to Do on Think Central
    • If you receive less than 80% on a Re-Test assignment, you must also complete the book homework for that lesson
  • Times Tables: 3 and 4, four times each
  • i-Ready for at least 10 minutes
  • If you receive less than 80% on the Review, use your book to practice problems that are similar to those you got wrong. You can check the standard number for each problem with ThinkCentral and then find the lessons in the book that go with that standard


  • In your sketchbook, create 4-5 Tape Designs
    • Materials:
      • Oil Pastels
      • Scissors
      • Glue Sticks
      • Index Cards
      • Black Sharpie (Fine)
      • Ruler
  • IMG_9920



  • Write a reflection in response to the following question:

As the distance between 2 magnets increases (becomes greater), what happens to the force of attraction? Cite evidence from your data table or graph.


Physical Education

  • Check your planner for the assignment