403 Homework 11/8/18

Our trip is tomorrow…

Bring in your permission slip, if you haven’t already!

Chaperones, please arrive at the school no later than 9 am

I strongly recommend planning to have school lunch, but for those who must bring their own, please remember to be peanut and tree nut free

Due 11/9/18


  • Read and jot in a Non-Fiction book for at least 40 minutes
    • Your jot must connect to one of your Goals
  • Reading Response
    • Choose a jot and elaborate on a sheet of loose leaf
      • The response must be based on one of the standards you chose as a Goal
      • The response must be placed in the correct section of the Goal Binder
  • Read-Aloud Response
    • None
  • Begin the research for your Weather Podcast


  • Begin typing your Opinion Essay in Google Docs – try to get this finished


  • Finish all assignments in Things to Do on Think Central
    • If you receive less than 80% on a Re-Test assignment, you must also complete the book homework for that lesson
  • Times Tables:  3, 25 twice each


  • A, B, A, B (in color)



  • See planner for the assignment