403 Homework 10/24/18

Due 10/25/18



  • Read and jot in your Non-Fiction Independent Reading Book for at least 20 minutes
  • Reading Response (1pg.)
    • Identify the structure of a section of your book. How do you know that’s the structure? What text evidence can you give to support your idea?
  • Types of Non-Fiction Text Structures
    • Chronological/Sequence
      • Chronological describes events over time
      • Sequence is a list of steps
    • Compare and Contrast
      • Comparing is to say how things are similar
      • Contrasting is explaining how things are different
    • Cause and Effect
      • When an event occurs (cause) that directly results in another event happening (effect)
    • Problem and Solution
      • A problem is described, as well as the solution to that problem
    • Description
      • Details are given about a topic, with no particular structure

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  • None


  • Finish all assignments in Things to Do on Think Central
    • If you receive less than 80% on a Re-Test assignment, you must also complete the book homework for that lesson
  • Times Tables:  2 and 4, eight times each


What is a Pattern?
A Pattern is a design/color that repeats.
What is a Texture?
A Texture is something that “Feels” a certain way; a surface feeling.
  • Google “Photos of patterns and textures in nature”
    • Print 6 patterns in nature (color, if possible)
  • Draw 1 pattern in nature using color